Happy Campers

We’ve already had quite a few visitors come and stay at Fuzzy’s Farm and experience our unique “Glampsite”

Campers young and old love the chilled out atmosphere and beautiful surroundings here at Fuzzy’s Farm

One group included two young boys and their Dad’s – camping out for the very first time! Noah (5), Dad Jay, Owen (7) & Dad Chris tell us more about their night at Fuzzy’s

Noah “We loved coming to stay at Fuzzy’s Farm – we met all of his animals, we loved meeting and stroking George and Peppa – the pigs – and we were able to help with collecting the eggs from the chickens in the morning.  We stayed up really late [10pm is late when you’re 5!] and sat around the campfire toasting marshmallows which were yummy, telling jokes and making up ghost stories and watching the bats fly around above us! In the morning, the Daddies made us bacon sandwiches over the campfire which was cool and Owen and I ran around lots and played football and frisbee! I can’t wait to go again!”

Owen “It was really cool staying in a tipi as I have never camped before and always wanted to, it was really big and tall so even Daddy could stand up in there! The animals were awesome and we ate hot dogs and corn on the cob for tea that Noah’s Mummy cooked for us [before they left], the animals were really cool and I loved helping the Daddies set up the campfire and scaring Noah with my ghost stories! I’ve never eaten toasted marshmallows before and it was fun watching them set on fire and blowing them out.”

The Daddies “We were a little unsure how our boys would cope with the great outdoors (and no electronic entertainment) but arriving at Fuzzy’s Farm our fears were quickly dashed! The Tipis were spacious and comfortable and whilst the kids met the animals and ran and played we were able to enjoy some cold refreshments in the sunshine! Everything was there to make it comfortable for us all and the fire pit was great, the boys stayed up later than expected but slept brilliantly (all that fresh air) and so did we! Next time we will persuade the Mum’s (& younger brothers) to come too!”

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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